Andrea Cichecki’s background involvement with sound is rich with a vast experience beyond many her age. What started as a love for audio and its applications such as DJing and producing has led to composing, sound engineering, mastering, electronic gear reviews, content creating and more. With a new album on the way, having worked at a top recording studio and a successful YouTube channel role, you would think her schedule fills up her desire to do more. But Andrea is building all these past and current experiences for her future long-term goals.

Born in The Netherlands, she has immersed and surrounded herself with sound from an early age. Andrea has had a lifelong passion and enthusiasm with the human connection of analog and digital and how these interweave with music and sound. Naturally, this leads to live application also.

Andrea’s devotion in a live creative outlet for electronic performance is equally as important as her behind the scene involvement with a 20+ year career as a DJ across Europe. In her ever-evolving quest to follow her passions, she moved to the heart of the electronic dance culture in Berlin in early 2010’s. DJing in top clubs like Tresor, Visionaere, Hoppetosse, About Blank and others has helped make her a sought-after performer. Producing her own music has mirrored her DJ career in many respects along the way. Being in demand to remix, collaborate and record for various labels has grown to the point of countless projects coming this year alone.

The technical knowledge has always been a big foundation for Andrea culminating with degree from Abbey Road Institute in 2018. Andrea’s transition to sound engineering has been a natural one, securing a most desirable position at Castle Studios just outside of Dresden. Engineering sessions have led to mastering, mixing and more for the high-end clients of the facility. The technical side has continued to influence her creative side as well.

She was approached by the largest music store in Europe (Thomann), to develop her own show for their YouTube channel. The show is called ‘Sonic Kitchen’ and provides gear reviews, tutorials, and she can give the viewers an insight into her production techniques. Andrea’s in-depth work with electronics gear is the major part of her social media influence. As part of that business, she collaborates with several music-gear and instruments brands to create artistic content for them. Followers value her experience opinion, and her tremendous, magnetic personality makes them come back for more. You can see the love for music technology in everything she is a part of.

Andrea has started the ‘Texture Studies’ which are sonic explorations in which she performs with a modular synthesiser live. These sessions give her an opportunity to capture, sculpt and perform with what starts out just as tones and waveforms. Recently, she started the ‘In Nature’ series, in which she combines her unique music with outdoor performances, that are being filmed and recorded live on location.

While this love has grown to the point of performance, Andrea has constantly evolved and upgraded her array of audio equipment, modular racks, FX pedals while being on the forefront with the ever-evolving grass roots industry of Euroracks is important for her. Her signature sound is in the melancholic layers of electronic music that can be found in ambient, contemporary and experimental music, dub techno and sound design.

Never stop dreaming, and always listen to your intuition. Take time for your own creative process.