rand Peripherie Remixes

CLIKNO is thrilled to announce the upcoming release of the highly-anticipated Peripherie Remix EP of four tracks from rand’s critically acclaimed album “Peripherie” set to drop on May 26th, 2023.

Featuring remixes by Steevio, Deadbeat, Dr.Nojoke, and Andrea Cichecki, some of the most exciting names in the underground electronic music scene, this limited EP promises to take you on a journey through a spectrum of sounds and emotions.

Steevio kicks off the EP with a groundbreaking remix of “Lucid”, marking the first time a remix by this highly regarded artist will appear on vinyl. With his signature style of intricate modular grooves and atmospheric pads, Steevio’s remix takes the original to new heights that we are sure to captivate and move you.

Next up is Deadbeat, a veteran of the dub techno scene, with a stunning drone remix of “San Gimignano”. His signature use of space and bass is on full display, as he crafts a cavernous and immersive soundscape that is sure to take the listener on a journey through the depths of sound, leaving you lost in its mesmerizing drone.

Dr.Nojoke, known for his experimental and genre-defying productions, transforms “Hoola” into a deep and introspective chill-out tune featuring lush pads and intricate percussion. This remix is perfect for some legendary afterhour sessions.

Rounding out the EP is Andrea Cichecki’s ethereal ambient remix of “Siegfried 2.0”. This remix captures the essence of the original track while adding an otherworldly dimension with its haunting and immersive sound design.

rand ‘Peripherie Remixes’