New Sarah Brendel Album is out!

It’s out! The new Sarah Brendel album is available in her webshop. It is the first album where I closely worked together with a singer-songwriter and it was really a great time. For Sarah I’ve made synths, sounds and noise to accompany her music in a subtle way, to create additional depth and atmosphere.

My love Peter Junge mixed it and my fav song is the one where Sarah sings together with her daughter “1 Way Track”. The album is a perfect Christmas gift if you are looking for one.

My working process of the album

Together with Sarah I’ve sat down to hear from her what she needed for her songs as she told me she liked to have some synths and sounds for certain tracks. Per track we wrote down what was needed and when Sarah wanted to have things happen timing wise. We talked a lot about her album, how and why she has written the songs and how personal they are. Sarah tells her story about life and hope. The album reflects on personal experiences as well of the life experiences of other people in difficult situations.

You can find songs that lift you up but also make you feel emotional. For me it was important to give a subtle ambience and little elements of sounds to get your attention on certain moments. It was a great experience for me to compose together with Sarah. You can go to her website to stay up to date about her music.


Andrea Sarah