Sketches & Patches

Sketches & Patches 3

The first Sketches & Patches video of the year is here!

I love to dream away making sounds with the modular synth. Recently, I bought a Waldorf Blofeld and thought it would be fun integrating it and see how they work together .

I started with a chord progression from Ableton going into the Blofeld and from there into the Make Noise Mimeophon to get an instant vibe. The resonances of Blofeld’s filter create beautiful modulations in the Mutable Instruments Beads which is something that I can listen to for hours and always hear something new to work from.

This all goes then into the Clouds. Besides that, I use my Elektron Digitakt for the beat and the Strymon BigSky & TimeLine for additional reverb and delay. Dreamy melodies and soundscapes are the result!