Sketches & Patches

Here is a new Sketches & Patches video and the first song from my upcoming live project. For this one, I got inspired by lo-fi Dub sounds with lots of noise, flutter and delays.

The Mutable Instruments Beads has a crazy Scorched Cassette function that emulates wow & flutter, which makes it sound a bit like an old tape recorder. It also did something nice with the overtones I really enjoy.

For the pad sounds, I’ve used the Arturia V collection and made samples for my Squarp Instruments Rample, which is a fantastic sampler. The beats itself I made with my all time favourite Elektron Digitakt.

Additionally, I used the Felt instruments Rysy on my Strymon Big Sky reverb and just love the noise of this filter, exactly the kind of noise I DO like. Enjoy listening! ๐Ÿ™‚