Here you can see the list of people that I worked with and listen to some of my projects.

Peter Junge (my love), Castle Studios, Caim Records, Lonely Planets records, Julien Perez Girada Unlimited, Yoyaku, Subwax Distribution, Mixcult, Sol Asylum, Stefano Meneghetti, Klaus Fischer, Rotate, Telrae, RTS.FM, RA+RE records, Kat May, Sarah Brendel, Lizzard. Sylvana Mehnert (Miss Rockester), Marcella Wijnhof, Colette Teurlings (COWORKS film), Alexandra Cichecki (Mandrakemotion), Stichting MAMA Rotterdam, Studio Weisglass, Raphael Padilla. rand – Jan Gerdes & Dr. Nojoke, Artiphon, Nura, Sound|theory, Plugin alliance, Thomann GmbH (that includes brands like: Apogee, Universal audio, Warm audio, Arturia, Presonus, Rode, Audient, Sonarworks.)